Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Training Week 7

I've just wrapped up training week 7 and it was a big week for me. Training week 5 was really hard for me and I was feeling pretty discouraged by the end. Week 6 I got a break on my long run (my program only made me run 3.1 miles for my long run, which was a much appreciated break) so it wasn't a particularly challenging week. But the short reprieve was over much too quickly and week 7 required me to step up my game BIG time. Here is how it went:

Monday: Trainer appointment, like usual. It was good.

Tuesday: 4.5 mile run. Yup, that means there was another distance increase. I feel like that is pretty far for a Tuesday (which I know isn't logical at all, but whatever). My app told me I did it in 45:47 but I'm pretty sure that is a lie. I don't think I was that fast, but I did run the whole way so I felt pretty good. 

Wednesday: 3 mile run. Up until this point, all my Wednesday runs have been 2 miles, but not anymore. Gone are the days when I can knock out Wednesday in under 22 minutes which makes me a little sad. I also happened to run this one on a treadmill because it was super later by the time I got home (SIDE NOTE: It was late because I had to get a new phone after work because my old one finally crapped out on me. That was bad because it meant spending money, but it was also good because now I know my app is working properly and all my running times will actually be right!!). I ran it in 32:40 which was pretty quick for me. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed my treadmill run. While I ran, I watched all the people work out on the machines one floor below me. There was this one woman in a wheelchair who had obviously been ill or in an accident who was training with a personal trainer. I watched her do arm weights and practice standing while her trainer spotted her. She was such a bad ass. She deserves 10,000 gold medals for what she is doing. Here I am, completely able bodied and feeling sorry myself because I'd like to lose 15 pounds. I bet she would kill to be able to run the way I do. Props to her, whoever she is, and thank you for being an inspiration. 

Thursday: 4.5 mile run. I was SO EXCITED because I bribed my hubby into running this with me. I'm really glad he was there with me too because I think I wouldn't have run the entire thing without him. The past couple Thursday's have been discouraging for me, so all day I was planning to fail (I know, that is a terrible attitude). I automatically assumed I would have to walk, but hubby came with me and made me want to push myself. I slowed my pace down significantly, but the fact that I ran the entire way on a Thursday made me really proud. My time was 56:48, but I accidentally ran a little too far, so I'm thinking it was more like an even 56 minutes. Definitely a slower pace, but hey, running is running, now matter how slow!

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: True confession, I skipped my workout. I don't even have a good excuse. 

Sunday: 7 mile run. I was nervous for this run. My 6 miler two weeks earlier hadn't gone all that well and I was just feeling scared for the distance. I tried a brand new route (I have developed this habit of just using the same route and tacking on additional miles as my runs get longer) and I really enjoyed switching it up. Also, the weather was gorgeous! I decided to slow down so that I was running at a conversational pace (meaning you can say short sentences, which for the record, I don't recommend talking while running, but just pacing yourself so that you could talk if you HAD to). This was a good strategy for me and I'm thinking I'll employ it on race day. They say slow and steady wins the race. A conversational pace for me is about 12 min/mile so that is exactly what I did. I took it slow and enjoyed the weather and the new route. Mile 1 felt like it flew by and I felt really good up until about mile 5. At that point I started to feel a little tired and hungry and I began to notice my shoes where rubbing against my arches which was pretty painful. However I pushed through it and finished all 7 miles without ever walking. I still can't believe I did that! When I first started training for this race one of my goals was to be able to run 5 miles without walking at all, and to think I've already surpassed that is a great feeling! 

You'll notice that even though I ran the entire way, it took me an additional 14 minutes to finish this than my 6 mile run did, even though I walked a bit on my 6 mile run. But I think that is okay. I'd rather slow down my pace, feel good and be able to actually RUN than run quicker, be forced to walk and feel like crap. For me, this journey is about more than just finishing quickly.

I was planning on getting new running shoes before race day anyway, but since mine were bothering me yesterday, I went ahead and got fitted at Luke's Locker! They watch you walk and jog and measure your feet so that you'll get put in the perfect shoe. I normally wear a 7 1/2 and I measured exactly that, but they put me in a size 8 1/2. Apparently running shoes are supposed to be a little big because your feet swell when running long distances, especially when it is hot. Who knew! I also learned that my feet are pretty much normal. They aren't wide or narrow, my arches aren't flat or high. My arches are "maybe a little flat, but not really flat". Also, I do not pronate, which means when I run I don't turn my foot in or out, I run with my weight centered on my foot. So my new running shoe is a Brooks Ghost 6! I am really excited to run in them tomorrow and if all goes as planned, these will be the shoes I run my first ever half marathon in!! Woo hoo!!!

At this point, I'm feeling good about my training, and I'm getting excited for race day. I'm cautious not to get too excited though, because if I've learned anything from my training so far, it's as soon as you feel good, chances are its about to get hard.


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