House Tour

Welcome to our home on Hidden Oaks! I am so glad you've stopped by :)   Come on into our living room:


I found this secretary on Craigslist, and it may be my favorite furniture re-do ever!

Moving into the kitchen...

 We had a lot of fun upgrading our kitchen! Read about it here and here.

I created the large artwork that is in our dining room for less than $50. 


 Next, here is a peek into our half bathroom. 

Read all about how we framed the mirror. You can read about how I never intended to paint these walls blue, but after a leak in our ceiling, I realized how badly the walls really needed some fresh paint.

Last stop on the downstairs tour is the master bedroom.

For the full master bedroom tour, click here
Let's head on up our newly remodeled stairs....

to our guest bathroom... 

Learn how I created my paint stir stick artwork here

It was quite the adventure to complete this mini guest bathroom makeover!  You can also read more about the inexpensive flooring in this room, here

Also upstairs is our guest bedroom. For the full tour, click here.

Let's round off the tour of the upstairs with a stop in our recently transformed loft space. It's now my little library.  To hear about the 3 year evolution of this space, click here.

Last but not least,  let's head out back.  This patio was one of our first DIY projects after we moved into our home. Check it out here!

Come back soon! I've still got to add the master bathroom to the tour.  Maybe I'll get brave and even share Reid's man cave with you guys.  I'm glad you stopped by!


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