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I'm Jesse and I'm the girl behind this little ol blog. In case you want to know a little bit more about me please continue reading :)

I'm an accountant by day, but my true passion is home making. I live in Texas with my husband Reid and our dog Ruby.  

I chose this photo because I look thinner and tanner than I actually am. Sue me. 

Ruby is named after my favorite Harry Potter character, Rubeus Hagrid.  She takes after Hagrid in many ways.  She is big, clumsy, loyal, and loving.

Reid and I bought our house three years ago and I have had a blast turning it into a home ever since. It is hard to put a name on what my home decor style is but I'd call it a mixture of country cottage, shabby chic and farmhouse with a hint of rustic thrown in. Lately I've been gravitating towards clean lines and simplistic style and my love for white just keeps growing. I love turning trash into treasure and I try to rely on DIY whenever possible to keep the costs down. 

In addition to all things home, some of my other loves include traveling, reading, eating, running, hosting, spending time with friends, going on adventures with my husband, and (last but not least) drinking wine and coffee.

It was a complete accident that I became an accountant because it goes against everything I am to look at numbers all day (my degree is in International Studies. Go figure). I wouldn't call it my dream job, but its the right choice for me, at least for now. Maybe one day I'll get to pursue one of my dream careers which include becoming an interior designer, midwife, murder cop, stay at home mom, professional blogger, party planner, home stager, or doula. 

I'm not very good at cooking or gardening, and I have terrible fashion sense. If you ever catch me looking stylish, its almost certainly because somebody else picked out my outfit. I'm acutely aware (and more than a little self conscious) of the fact that my photography skills aren't great. For the sake of my blog, I am trying to get better because I want you guys to be able to truly see my home for what it really is! Any photos on my blog that actually are of good quality were almost certainly taken by my husband, who is infinitely more talented than I am. I'm extroverted although I'm a home body. I'm cynical but almost always friendly. I have a core group of friends who have been in my life for years and I love all of them deeply. 

Let me introduce you to the people who matter most to me: 

My family:

 From left to right: Stacy (my sister), my dad, Darian (my niece), my mom, me, Reid, Zach (my nephew), Chris (my brother), Emily (my sister), Taylor (Emily's boyfriend). 

My girls:
 From left to right: Melissa (friends since 6th grade), Emily, me, Lauren (bestie since 1st grade), Hannah (friends since high school). 

All the friends and family who make my life fun:

I'm still learning about who I am and what I believe, and will probably never stop. What I do know for sure is I believe in love, honesty, kindness, acceptance of all people, hard work and always striving to be the best person you can be.  Every day I strive to live up to those beliefs.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope you'll stick around my blog to share in my journey of home ownership and life as a 20 something in suburban USA. 



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