Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

I've never really been into the new year's resolution thing. I'm a goal oriented person year round so it wasn't like starting a new year made me want to achieve goals any more than I already wanted to anyway. Having said that, I just achieved a big personal goal at the end of 2013 (I ran my first ever half marathon!) so the time was right for me to start a fresh set of goals anyway! So I hopped on the new year's resolution band wagon. Here they are:

1. Save money. 
2013 was jam packed with travel, restaurant adventures and home renovations. None of that stuff is free. We are working towards building our nest egg this year rather than blowing our money on stuff we don't need. We are going on a trip to California next month, but after that we are seriously reigning it in.

2. Cook more.
This pretty much goes hand in hand with #1 because we seriously could eat out 7 nights a week (and probably did many times last year). But, not only to save money, I also want to cook more just to prove to myself that I can. And I want to enjoy it. 

3. Upgrades to the house.
See this list. I'm slowly working my way through it, but I'm not nearly done yet. I've also got some other ideas forming in my brain for the loft space and the upstairs bathroom, but I've got to be creative because we're saving money (Again, see #1).

4. Stay on top of laundry.
I hate laundry and I never do it. And on those rare occasions that I actually do do laundry, I usually ruin at least one item of clothing. So, I'm working on that.

5. Be more fashionable.
This is pretty straight forward. So far it hasn't been too hard because my family stocked me up on adorable clothes, jewelry and shoes during the holidays.

6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
2013 was a decently healthy year for me (again, I ran my first half marathon!) and I'd like to keep that up. This for me is all about balance. I don't want to lose weight or set specific goals like "I'll work out 5 times a week" or "I'll drink 900 gallons of water a day". Just in general, I want to be balanced and healthy. Move my body regularly, spend time outdoors, break a sweat, get enough sleep, and feed my body nutritious things on a regular basis.   

Do any of you have similar goals? Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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