Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the sixth day of Christmas...

..my true love gave to me, a DIY "Be Merry" sign!

A few weeks ago, as I was trying to make my loft space as finished and welcoming as possible for the holidays, I found myself trying to think of a creative use for my photo holder/display thingy. 

One of these:

What do you call these things anyway? Do they even have an official name?

I've had this whatchamacallit tucked away in the closet under our stairs for over a year now and just didn't know what to do with it. Now, I'm not hating on these types of photo holders. I know tons of people have them in their homes and find them very useful. They are a great place to stick favorite family photos, reminders, receipts, all those little papers you have lying around. But when I tried to use this thing before in my old apartment, it just turned into another place to collect junk. Except this time all my junk was on display. So I took it down off the wall and stuck all my receipts, photos and reminders into a drawer. 
SIDE NOTE: I wish people would stop hating on the junk drawer. I have two and I love them both. You never know what wonders you might find in them. The other day I found a star shaped hole punch in one of mine. How much fun is that?

I also still had lots of left over burlap from the vintage bridal shower I hosted a couple months ago (read about that here). So my friend Hannah (as a matter of fact, the same Hannah whose shower I purchased the burlap for in the first place!) and I decided we'd wrap the whatchamacallit in burlap and then write a cute Christmas saying on it. 

After one layer of burlap, it was too see-through. So we added a second layer. Btw, we just used hot glue for this, no sew!!

Hannah has super cute hand writing, so she wrote "Be Merry" for me :)

Here's the finished product!

What do you think? Pretty crafty, huh? This project cost zero dollars, which makes my thrifty heart sing. Besides, I don't think my whatchamacallit wanted to be tucked away for another year.

Have you re-purposed any of your unused items into something cheerful this holiday season?
Thanks! And don't forget to be merry!


  1. Cute and free? It really doesn't get any better than that! I always fail miserably when I try a project that requires good penmanship :-(

    1. Thanks! I have horrible hand writing too, so it's good to have Hannah around for stuff like this. She addressed all my wedding invitations for me too! Haha #thankshannah


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