Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On the fourth day of Christmas...

...my true love gave to me, a Christmas mantle! 

Merry Christmas! Now that Thanksgiving is over, it officially feels like the Christmas season (although I've been in the holiday spirit for weeks already). To celebrate my favorite time of year, I'm continuing on with my 12 days of Christmas blog series!

Today's "4th day" post features our Christmas mantle. Enjoy!

I just love the traditional red and green colors :) 

 The twinkle lights sparkle and shine off my crystal candlesticks, creating a festive glow. I also really love the contrast of the sparkly crystal and the warm wood tones of the larger candle stick and pine cones.

 I also just love how our tree looks, standing tall next to our holiday mantle. 

 Santa's whimsical smile peeks out from beneath a fun golden topper that I found at Home Goods. Oh, and you may notice, I was having a seriously hard time getting that one red candle to stand up straight. I eventually gave up and decided to embrace the imperfection.

This nutcracker is wearing sequins. He is fabulous and I love him. 

What about you? Have you swapped out your regular decor for something more festive? I hope you have enjoyed our holiday mantle! Have a great day!



  1. Hey Jesse! Thanks for all of your comments :-) I thought I subscribed to your blog, but just realized I didn't. I've been missin' out!
    1. I love your Santa picture.
    2. I love those crystal candlesticks...along with the perfectly imperfect candle.
    3. I love the "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas sign."
    4. I love the stockings.
    5. I love the tree.
    Well...shoot...I guess I love it all!
    Hoping to share my mantle mañana!

    1. Thanks Luisa! I'm glad you are now an official follower! :) And thanks for all the love!! My Santa picture was an "apartment warming" gift from my mom when I first moved out on my own and it was what catapulted me into becoming a Santa collector. Each year I add at least one to my stock! Imagine what my house is going to look like during the holidays 20 years from now! LOL


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