Friday, December 13, 2013

On the 8th day of Christmas... true love gave to me, a feature of my friend Hannah's house!! 

If you've read my blog with any consistency, you've probably heard me mention my friend Hannah before. I co-hosted her vintage bridal shower. Because she was one of my bridesmaids, you can also spot her in some of these pictures. Hannah also helped me with this Christmas DIY project

Because Hannah pops up on my blog from time to time, and because she has an adorable apartment, I decided to showcase her holiday home for day 8 of my "12 Days of Christmas" series. Plus, I think it is a nice change of pace to take a look at how other people have decorated their homes. I hope you enjoy!

The entry to Hannah's home is festive and welcoming.

Upon entering Hannah's apartment, you find yourself in her dining room. This space is home to a gorgeous gallery wall year round, but she has added a touch of Christmas in here as well! 
Side note: Hannah is excellent at getting the most bang for her buck. She found this 4 foot Christmas tree at a garage sale for just a couple bucks. To make the most of it, she placed it on a box and covered the box in burlap. It is now approximately 6.5 feet tall, and looks gorgeous in this space.

As you make your way through her home, you may also spot a little nook that is home to her stockings. Using a curtain rod is an excellent option for your stockings if you don't have a fireplace.

Go just around the corner, and you'll find yourself in the living room, which is the heart of this home. Pinecones, printables and wreaths dominate this space, making it both festive and welcoming.

In the living room, Hannah has another tree. This is her "main" tree and it is festooned in sparkly metallic colors.

Hannah also has an ornament that showcases the dried flowers from her wedding bouquet.

Thanks for taking a moment to peek into my friend's Christmas home. I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Stay tuned, the 9th day of Christmas will be coming soon!


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