Monday, February 9, 2015

Guest Bedroom Reveal

Nearly a year ago (geez time flies) I gave you guys a sneak peak of a little fabric project I was working on.  That fabric was for some pillow covers in our guest bedroom. This is one of those rooms that I have hesitated to share with you guys, because in my minds eye it isn't really done yet.  I think its pretty cute and presentable, but I have at least ten more ideas floating around in my brain that may or may not actually come to fruition sometime this decade.  So I decided that I should go ahead and share it with you, and if I decide to make more changes later, you'll get to come along for that as well :)  So here it is, as it is today:

Welcome to our guest bedroom! This room is chock-full of DIY projects and bargain finds.  For example, those white curtains are actually shower curtains!  I loved the look and they were cheaper than actual curtains. 

I had a lot of white, yellow and grey decorations left over from my apartment days, and I didn't want them to go to waste.  I decided to incorporate them into this room, with some other fun colors tossed in to keep things bright.  The style in here is a little more vibrant, colorful and whimsical than I usually am drawn to, but I think it still flows with the rest of the house and is fun and welcoming.  

 My mom and I had a lot of fun picking out fabric to cover these pillows. 

The wooden headboard and side tables were some of my best garage sale finds to date.  I spent $10 for all three pieces! They were the very first thing I painted after we moved into our house :) 

These canvases were on sale at Kirkland's for $12! How could I pass them up when they were so perfect for this colorful and fun space?

Since shams for euro sized pillows (the big square pillows) cost an arm and a leg, I decided to make my own.  The blue chevron patterned fabric that I loved so much was about $7/yard.  To keep the cost down I used cheap solid fabric for the backs of the pillows.  The solid pink fabric was on sale for $1/yard. The contrasting color is both fun and affordable. 

This art is also from my early days as a DIYer and way before I started blogging.  This was created using the famous "melt crayons using a hair dryer" method that you can find on Pinterest.  I already had the canvas and the frame, so this was another one of my $0 projects.  I like to think my DIY abilities have improved since then, but it is still a fun project, and it reminds me of the time in my life when Reid and I were engaged, so it's a keeper :) I bought that chair when I still lived in my apartment. The color scheme in my apartment bedroom was grey and yellow.

Tucked underneath the night stand are a couple of baskets with magazines in case my guests decide to read before bed :)

I love this quote by Walt Disney.  I made this printable for free using Picmonkey

Do you recognize the large white frame? It looked very different when it made an appearance in this post.  I filled it with leftover fabric from my pillows. The "be our guest" art was another free creation I made using Picmonkey

On the wall opposite the window, I have a couple more colorful pieces of art hanging. They are simple and clean, yet work well in this space. 

From time to time I toy with the idea of painting the walls.  Other times I feel like the color is too much and I want to make it more muted by adding in greys and whites in place of the pinks and oranges.  I've also considered repainting the furniture  with more subtle shades of blue and grey.  And still, other times, I think the bright colors are fun and a little unexpected.   
What do you think? Are the bright colors too much for you, or do you think they are fun?  Thanks for coming on over, I hope you enjoyed your stay ;)
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  1. I love, love, love what you did with this room! I am a big fan of color so this is right up my ally! I also love all of your diy art and pillows. It really makes the room that much more special. <3

    1. Thanks Luisa! I like the color too, although I'm thinking of painting the walls soon! We'll see!

  2. holy moly girl this is awesome sauce! I love the colors and the wall art, the printables..EVERYTHING! you did a great job!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate the kind words, and the support! :) I'll be stopping by liverandomlysimply on a regular basis! :)

  3. I love it!
    I hope you will share your bedroom with our Link Up - Idea box:



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