Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Wedding!

Hi everbody! I hope you are having a wonderful week. As you probably already know, I am a newlywed. I bought my dress at the most AMAZING salon called Whittington Bridal in Kingwood, Texas. They have the most wonderful selection of gorgeous designer gowns, sweet and attentive staff and reasonable prices. My appointment at Whittington was my one and only time to try on dresses. They truly made shopping for my bridal gown a special experience. They also happen to have an awesome blog, that you should go check out! Click here and you'll see that today they have been sweet enough to feature our wedding! I hope you'll take a moment to stop by and see it. And since I haven't shared much with you guys about our wedding, I thought I'd do a post with some of my favorite pictures from that day (January 12, 2013).. Enjoy!  

That's one handsome man, if I do say so myself :)

Reid and I opted to do a "no look first look". We got to hold hands, exchange gifts and talk for a few sweet moments prior to the ceremony without actually seeing each other!

Our first kiss as hubby and wife :)

From left to right: Bobby (Reid's cousin), Chris (my brother), Reid, and Morgan (Reid's brother and Best Man).

From left to right: Melissa (my beautiful friend from childhood), Emily (my sister and Maid of Honor), me, Lauren (another beautiful friend from childhood), and Hannah (my lovely friend from high school- and I'm her Matron of Honor coming up in October.. WOO HOO!!)

 This girl, Valerie, rocks my socks! We became good friends in high school together and we still keep in touch. I'm super stoked to see her when she comes to Houston this weekend!  I think she is currently the only person who actually follows my blog :) Thanks Valerie for your support!

dance with my daddy :) I'm crying like a baby in this picture!

Me and my father-in-law. This picture cracks me up!

My sister caught my bouquet, and her boyfriend caught the garter. Hmm... do I hear wedding bells in their future?!

My grandma, my mom and I showing off three generations of bling :) Both mine and Reid's parents are still married, and none of our grandparents ever divorced either. We're definitely hoping to uphold this family tradition!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our wedding day!


  1. Yay!!! Love it!! Our picture is AMAZING!!

    1. Thank you Valerie! I definitely got the one of you and me printed so I can frame it in our house! I LOVE it!

  2. Awww...these pictures are so sweet and I love the way they tell your story perfectly. Looks like you guys had a great night!

    1. Thanks Luisa! It was a pretty awesome day! :) Makes me happy to look back at these pictures again!


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