Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I've been Pinspired #1: Door Knobs

Hello All! Welcome to my first installment of "I've been Pinspired". Pinterest is the most amazing of virtual places. It's over flowing with ideas to make your life better. Whether you're a busy mom looking for ways to throw together a healthy snack for your kiddos or a college kid interested in music and tattoos, you'll find something to inspire you. It's a virtual meeting of the minds where people come to share their creativity and resourcefulness, so of course, I'm ADDICTED to it. I thought I'd start a new "I've been Pinspired" series where I share little tid bits of wisdom that I've learned from Pinterest and successfully applied to my own life. For today's installment, we're talking about door knobs!
My house was built in 1988, so naturally it came equipped with brass knobs. You know the ones I mean...
Beauties like these:

Our house has a total of 15 door knobs (plus the two exterior doors), and at approximately $10 each plus tax, purchasing new ones was way too expensive. Luckily, I found through Pinterest, and she recommended Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

The most time consuming part of this project was taking off the knobs and then reinstalling them after they'd been painted, and you'd have to do that anyway if you bought new ones so it makes no sense to waste the money on new knobs. I used pieces of styrofoam I had in my garage to stick the knobs in so that they stood up. This made it easier to paint because I didn't have to spray the knobs, wait for them to dry, and then roll them over to spray the other side. It was also easy to hold the styrofoam in one hand while I sprayed with the other, making it easy to keep the knobs at eye level while I sprayed without getting my fingers sticky and smudging the finish. It took two cans of spray paint, which at $6.00 each, cost me about the same as it would to replace just one knob. The entire project, including dry time, took less than 24 hours. It took my hubby and I about one hour to take down all the knobs and about 45 minutes to put them back in place and I actually sprayed them for about one hour. So, for less than 3 hours of actual time spent working, and approximately $12, I'd say this was an awesome "bang for your buck" project. It's been about 3 months since we did this project, and I am happy to say the door knobs have proven to be very durable. The paint has not rubbed off, scratched off, or in any other way deteriorated. They look identical to the more expensive ones you buy in the store. Take a peek for yourselves :)... 

Have you been "Pinspired" lately? Have you found any time saving, money saving or life saving tricks that make you want to say, "Why didn't I think of that?!"? Thanks to all of you who share your ingenious ideas with the rest of us on Pinterest, and a special thanks to "The Penny Parlor". And of course, thank YOU for stopping by :)


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