Monday, April 6, 2015

The Master Bedroom

When I first started blogging, I thought I was supposed to wait to share rooms until they were perfect.   The problem with that is, nothing is ever really perfect. As soon as I'm finished with a space, I usually want to change it again within a matter of months weeks.  

Having said that, I figure it's about time I show y'all my master bedroom.  There are still some updates I'm planning to make, but it has come a long way in the past few months. 

Our room isn't huge, but I've made a few changes that help it to feel more master-y.  I recently bought new curtains (the old ones were brown and from a garage sale) and raised the curtain rod to the ceiling.  The lighter colored curtains and the raised rod make the space feel larger, and the ceilings seem higher.

Originally, I intended to hem the curtains using a no-sew method, but once I got them up there I decided I really like the puddling effect.  These are 94" from Tuesday Morning.  

SIDE NOTE: I also went to Lowe's over the weekend and ordered new 2" blinds for this window.  We've had the cheap aluminum mini blinds for far too long. I think that will also help dress up the space more.  Originally, I was hoping for plantation shutters.  Do you guys know how expensive those things are? They quoted $1,500 for this one window! Holy crap, I did not expect that.  
 Our headboard is from Wayfair.

All of our bedding is from Bed Bath and Beyond, except for the Mr. & Mrs. burlap pillows.  I get asked about those pillows more than probably anything else in my house...

 They are from Ballard Designs. Click here
My mother-in-law gave these to me at my bridal shower and I may have put them on our bed right away, even though we didn't technically become Mr. and Mrs. for another four months. I loved them so much I just couldn't wait.  I still love them :) 

Now let's talk about nightstands.  Here's mine: 

 And here is Reid's:
I wanted to move away from perfect symmetry in this space, and deliberately chose mismatching nightstands and lamps.  I wanted Reid's side to be masculine, and mine to be feminine.  I also needed both nightstands to have plenty of storage (I have 55 t-shirts and Reid has 78 pairs of boxers.  Literally).  

I made sure to get nightstands that were the same height, and similar in size, so they would still coordinate even though they weren't exactly the same. His nightstand is from Marshall's, mine is from Kirkland's.

I think I'm going to lighten up the color of the top of Reid's nightstand soon.  I've decided that the black is too dark,  plus it shows every speck of dust.  I feel like I am constantly cleaning it.  Stay tuned for developments on that little project. 

I'm obsessed with this lamp.  It's from Ikea.  
Also, I like to pretend that Reid had that photo of me printed and framed for his nightstand, but let's be honest.  I just thought the idea of a man having a picture of his bride on his nightstand was romantic, so I took the initiative there. 

 My lamp is from Home Goods. 

The books underneath my alarm clock change constantly, depending on what I'm currently reading. 
I know my alarm clock isn't gorgeous, but I rely on it to get me out of bed every morning, so I feel like it would be mean to move it just for the sake of these photos.  Alarm clocks have feelings too.  Or probably not.

This little bench at the foot of our bed will soon be getting another makeover.  The original makeover was done a few years ago, and hides the zebra print fabric that it originally had.  My new plan is to paint the legs a lighter color (probably white or grey), and get a lighter, simpler patterned fabric to recover it with.  I'll share that project with you as it unfolds. 

Oh, and isn't that pillow great?  It was a wedding gift!

On the wall opposite our bed, is our dresser. 

This dresser was Reid's before we were married.  I've been searching for the perfect French Provincial dresser to go here for about two and a half years now, but I haven't found exactly what I want yet.  Until then, we've got this.  It isn't exactly my style, but it kinda makes me sad to think about getting rid of it because my father-in-law actually built it for Reid. We will hold onto it forever because of the sentimental value, but I'm also looking forward to a more sophisticated and feminine looking piece here in the future. 

SIDE NOTE:  The wall color above the chair rail is called Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore.  I honestly have no idea what color I used for the darker/lower section, sorry charlie.  I'm toying with the idea of adding picture frame molding and painting that part of the walls white anyway.   Just add that to the never ending list! 

 This art and the lamps are from Kirkland's. ($12 for the lamps! Holla!)

Our bedroom has so many wedding pictures, its like a shrine to us.  I'm a little self conscious you guys are going to think we are complete narcissists, staring at photos of ourselves all day.  I guess my logic is that this is a more private, romantic part of the house so it is more appropriate to put the photos in here than out all over the living room or kitchen or something like that.  Plus, we paid good money for those photos, I wanna look at them! :) 

I've also got a lingerie chest, that was originally green and is from Big Lots.  I painted it white and brown the summer before my sophomore year of college, and changed out the hardware a couple years ago. 

SIDE NOTE:  Reid helped me paint this for my apartment (we had been dating about 6 months).  When we moved into our house I noticed that he had painted "R loves J 2008" on the back.  For that reason alone I will never get rid of this lingerie chest.  I don't care if it is from Big Lots.  It's priceless to me.  :)

So that's the tour.  I'll leave you with a few more photos, just for fun. 

You can sorta see the pattern on the curtains in this photo.  It was really hard to get pretty pictures of the new curtains because of all the sunlight, but this one isn't too bad (I hope).

 I guess this photo is kind of pointless, but for some reason I thought it was pretty so I'll share it with you.

The view from our window overlooks my little flower garden.  I'm very proud of it since I am notoriously terrible at gardening.

Hope you guys have enjoyed touring our bedroom!  I'll be back to share the updates to my bench, dresser and walls, as I get to them.   Oh, by the way.  You know what this means?!

It means I am making progress on this list!

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